UI Design - Branding - Landing Page Development
2016 - 2018 at MTM Tecnologia
Avaliable at
Project Overview
This product was created by the team at MTM, drawing on their experience with technology products for doctors and patients in hospitals and clinics throughout Brazil. A complete platform for managing exam results, scheduling appointments, sending notifications, and sharing relevant information about medical records among medical staff.
My Contributions
The product needed a systemic approach based on DevOps and DesignOps. To achieve this, I created a scalable and flexible interface for all types of customers, regardless of their size. I also developed a complete branding package, including a style guide, that followed the requested specifications. I adapted the UI for some initial clients and developed landing pages and graphic designs accordingly.
mobileCare is a healthcare app platform that provides custom solutions for doctors and patients. Doctors can access all the institutions working from only one app and patients have access to a custom application for the hospitals, clinics and laboratories that use.
Thus, evervone has access to the results of clinical exams, exchange of messages, alerts, scheduling systems and check-in queries and various information such as waiting time or lists of services.

mobileCare is a healthcare app platform that offers tailored solutions for both doctors and patients. With this app, doctors can access all the institutions they work with from a single location. Patients, on the other hand, can use a custom application for hospitals, clinics, and laboratories that they visit.

With mobileCare, everyone has access to clinical exam results, messaging, alerts, scheduling systems, check-in queries, and various other information, such as waiting times or lists of services.

THe purpose ofDemonstrating the process of creation of the logo of mobile careshowing the spectrum of colors with some shades of blue and greendemonstration of styles and fonts chosen in that project.
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